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Our FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Will students need to take their temperature?

Yes,  upon arrival students must go through a screening, take their temperature, and sanitize their hands.

Does the school participate in sports?

Yes, prior to the pandemic the school participated in an array of sports such as : basketball, volleyball, and gymnastics. We have also won many tournaments around the island.

Can I schedule a school visit?

Absolutely! You can give us a call and coordinate a visit with us so that you can explore our facilities.

Is the school accredited?

We are accredited by the School Council of the Department of Education of Puerto Rico.

Do classrooms have any technology?

Yes, all of our classrooms are equipped with a computer and television in order to make classes more dynamic and fun for our students. We also have a Computer lab available for our students.

Does the school have internet access ?

Our facility counts with  fiber optic internet.

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